Archaeoprepona demophon

Silver King Shoemaker or One-spotted Prepona

Basic Information

General information

Family: Nymphalidae
Sub Family: Charaxinae
Estimated Lifespan 14 Days

Garden Specific Information

Estimated Number In Flight: 14
Total Number of Pupae Received: 2248
First Flown On: 02/10/03
Last Flown On: 05/02/24

Species Range:

  • NorthAmerica
  • SouthAmerica

Host plants:

  • Annona
  • Malpigia glabra

Food Source

Adults visit rotten fruit, tree sap, or dung.


Prefers the edges of forest canopy and sub-canopy.

Life history

After mating the female lays individual eggs on the leaves of the host plant. The caterpillar feeds on the host plant until it forms its chrysalis.


In their range there are multiple generations making it possible to find adults year round.

Fun Facts

Males perch on tree trunks or on foliage, sitting facing head-downwards and with wings half open. They take part in impressive aerial sorties, chasing each other in broad circles around the tree tops. After each sortie they each return to their original perch.