Attacus atlas

Atlas Moth

Basic Information

General information

Family: “Saturniidae”
Sub Family: “Saturniinae”
Estimated Lifespan 6 Days

Garden Specific Information

Estimated Number In Flight: 0
Total Number of Pupae Received: 2708
First Flown On: 10/14/02
Last Flown On: 06/17/22

Species Range:

  • “Asia”

Host plants:

  • The larvae will feed on a variety of host plants including; Cinnamomum
  • Citrus
  • Salix
  • Annona
  • Clerodendrum and Mussaenda.

Food Source

The Atlas Moth does not have functioning mouth parts, so as adults they will not feed.

Etymology Of Name

Attacus is Latin for a type of locust. In Greek mythology Atlas was a titan responsible for holding up the heavens.


The Atlas Moth is primarily found in tropical forests and surrounding lowlands in the vicinity of their host plants.

Life history

At night a female releases pheromones into the air which can attract males. After mating the female will lay her eggs in small clusters on the underside of the host leaves. When the caterpillar hatches they feed on the host plant until they form their cocoon.


Atlas Moths can be found throughout most of the year with the highest populations found November-January.

Fun Facts

The Atlas Moth is considered the world's largest Lepidoptera based on total wing surface area which is known to exceed 65 square inches (4000 sq. mm). The White Witch Moth (Thsania agrippina) is considered to have the largest wingspan with a length of 14 inches (360 mm).