Catopsilia scylla

Orange Emigrant

Basic Information

General information

Family: “Pieridae”
Sub Family: “Coliadinae”
Estimated Lifespan 26 Days

Garden Specific Information

Estimated Number In Flight: 0
Total Number of Pupae Received: 4636
First Flown On: 10/11/04
Last Flown On: 12/15/23

Species Range:

  • “Asia”

Host plants:

  • Cassia fistula
  • obutusifolia
  • Tephrosia spp.

Food Source

The adults of this species are nectar feeders and males can often be observed puddling.


This species can be found in tropical, humid woodland habitats.

Life history

Eggs are laid singly on the leaves of the hostplant.


There are multiple generations each year so this butterfly can be found in flight year round.