Consul fabius

Tiger Leafwing

Basic Information

General information

Family: “Nymphalidae”
Sub Family: “Charaxinae”
Estimated Lifespan 9 Days

Garden Specific Information

Estimated Number In Flight: 12
Total Number of Pupae Received: 1360
First Flown On: 10/21/02
Last Flown On: 11/24/23

Species Range:

  • “NorthAmerica” “SouthAmerica”

Host plants:

  • Piper

Food Source

The adults of this species can be found feeding from rotting fruit. The males can be seen on dung taking up minerals for reproduction.


This butterfly can be found in the cloud forest, rainforest and deciduous forest.

Life history

Eggs are laid singly on the hostplant leaves.


The Tiger Leafwing can be found in flight year-round.

Fun Facts

This butterfly is part of a mimicry ring, when you look at the underside of the wings they resemble a dead leaf.