Species Distribution

Numbers in the Wing

  • There are currently 405 butterflies representing 27 different Species in the Wing!
  • Since the beginning of the year, 3497 butterflies have been released in the Wing!
  • There's only one Cethosia cyane in the wing right now. Try to find it!

Nathan's Notes

There are some species of butterflies that you can pretty
much count on being present in the Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing any time you
visit.  The Owl butterflies, individual belonging to the family Caligo,
are or one of those groups.  In the Butterfly Wing there are five
different species that are typically on exhibit.  Native to Central and
South America this large butterfly is easy to identify as it has what look like
a large owl eye on each of it hidwings, hence the name Owl butterfly.  The
Owl is typically a dawn and dusk flying butterfly so on a regular visit you
will not get to see them in flight but with the days getting shorter as we go
into the winter months individual in the Wing around the 4 0’clock hour may
just get a chance to see this large butterfly in flight.