Species Distribution

Numbers in the Wing

  • There are currently 526 butterflies representing 59 different Species in the Wing!
  • Since the beginning of the year, 1476 butterflies have been released in the Wing!
  • There's only one Papilio torquatus in the wing right now. Try to find it!

Nathan's Notes

While releasing new butterflies in the Christina Reiman
Butterfly Wing one afternoon, I was fortunate enough to witness a pair of New
Guinea Birdwings (Ornithoptera priamus) going through a courtship
flight.  The aerial display of these two, truly impressive individuals,
were putting on totally mesmerized me and I found myself siting on one of the
bench just watching in awe as they moved through the air in their precisely
coordinated dance. I am in the Butterfly Wing almost daily and have been for
the last fifteen years and still the beauty and wonder of the space never gets
boring.  Winter is a great time to come out and visit the butterflies,
they don’t know it is cold outside and maybe just for a moment they can help
you forget it is as well.